Apostle Chika Onuzo Hosts All Nations Sunday at Resurrection House for All Nations Sunday

SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 at 10 a.m.

We are excited and ready for God’s glory to move in a mighty way! Our theme this year: Resurrection House, Heal the Nations!

Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and all to come and experience the resurrection grace and glory in this awesome time of praise, worship, singing and dancing.
Everyone is invited to attend the reception in the East Lobby immediately following the service. Come feast on a delicious assortment of food and beverages from the nations represented right here at RHFAN!

The cost is only $5 per person 12 years old and over. Please DO NOT use our regular giving site to pay. To pay online, use the church app. Cash and checks will be
accepted at the table in the lobby. Be sure to receive a wristband as you enter the reception.



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• Redeemed for the Spirit Life | Bishop Victor Uzosike
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• The Power of Baptism: Preparing Our Hearts for Open Heavens| Apostle Chika Onuzo
• Spirit to Spirit: Spirituality, Power & Grace | Bishop Victor Uzosike
“It doesn’t matter how the enemy is warring against you; You must believe that your destiny is sure.”  – Apostle Chika Onuzo