Member Relations

New_Members_webMembers’ Relations is the Anchor Point of the church. Members’ Relations serves to unify the church, to make us one.  They are the first point of contact for members, thus they are the first to know. They serve as the front line of communications for members in crisis and act as the sounding board for members. Their goal is to establish and maintain relationships with all of the members.
Visitor’s Relations

Visitor’s Relations is the official contact for visitors. They acquaint visitors with the church and the church with the visitors. They are on post to capture every first time visitor with the goal of turning visitors into members.
New Members’ Class
The New Members’ Class provides new members with a thorough overview of how RHFAN operates. Members learn about the church’s mission and vision, statement of faith, organizational structure, policies and procedures. Members are encouraged to seek God to discover their calling in the ministry. At the end of this course, graduates leave with a firm foundation and are ready to begin their journey in ministry.