God’s Farmhouse Children’s Ministry at RHFAN

God’s Farmhouse (GF) Children’s Ministry is a vibrant ministry at Resurrection House for all Nations. Committed to raising young soldiers in the army of the Lord, we train  and to be used to accomplish God’s will on the earth. Full of fun, age-appropriate character developing activities and life-changing events, the ministry serves children ages 1-12 years old.

Our 6-12 year-old participants have their very own children’s church every Sunday during both the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services. We also have God’s Farmhouse musical stations set up each week to teach the children vocals, keyboard, guitar and drums.

Come and see what God is doing. We are raising up a generation of believers who are strong in the Word of God and on fire for Jesus Christ. We encourage you to bring your children faithfully to God’s Farmhouse, reinforce at home what they are learning at church each week, and watch in amazement as they grow in the Lord.