GloryWorks! Entrepreneurship Ministry

GloryWorks! is a ministry God gave to Resurrection House for All Nations to help us break through the barriers the enemy has erected to keep God’s people from being successful in business.
We believe one of the greatest evangelistic tools is the example of success in Christ – doing business God’s way – and we are committed to reaching out to those in business — many of whom may never see the inside of a church — that they may see the Light of Christ in us.
GloryWorks! meets once a month (typically Saturdays at 11 a.m. in the Fire Power Room at RHFAN) for prayer, the Word of God and practical business applications. The ministry is solely based on the Word of God and the following three tenets:
The Transfer of Wealth into the Kingdom
This group will be vision helpers — the ones who bring wealth into the kingdom of God.
Evangelism That Brings People to the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ

GloryWorks! businesses will draw everyone — employees and clients alike — to Jesus Christ. As a result of our efforts, people will be won to the Lord through the marketplace. There will not just be a transfer of wealth, but a transfer of souls from darkness into light.

Political and Economic Power That Impacts Our Communities, Our Nation and Our World
GloryWorks! businesses will be able to stand strong — politically and economically — against the forces of the culture.